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Inviting the Contribution of the Universe

Susan Lasar HartThe biggest change for me is I have stopped entertaining myself with everything that isn't working for me and trust me, it was a big list. I remember being in Costa Rica for an Access Conference 7 day event and by the 5th day I had a huge "Aha!" moment. I realized I had been working really hard. as I got older, trying to keep everything the same so I could be different. Would that be just a little exhausting? Kind of like running up the down escalator!

Living in the question, inviting the contribution of the universe and letting go of self-judgement would be just some of the Access Consciousness tools I use daily, as I now participate in the contribution and creation of my own life and living. And in doing so, life is so much more fun and ever expanding with possibilities; more body, more money, more sex, more awareness, more Ricky and more of me showing up in every way. How does it get any better than that?

Susan Lasar Hart
Right Relationship for You

What a rock star life you have.

Margaret Braunack The greatest tool that I have gotten from Access Consciousness is, 'Choice Creates Awareness.' Before Access Consciousness my whole life was driven by making the right choice and getting my life right. Now, I choose what works for me, without the right or wrong; just choice creates awareness. The ease that this creates in my world is magical. My body is happier, which takes it out of the aging process and I have more care, kindness and gratitude for me and my body.

As I let go of all of my Naturopathic and fixed points-of-view about everything, I have so much more freedom. I was out with some girlfriends for dinner last night, and they said how amazing I looked. They also said, “What a rock star life you have!” I’m now close to 60 and  choose a life that most, half my age, envy. I still make some insane choices and I love that I can change it again as soon as I have the awareness that this, no longer works for me. I no longer worry about what other people think about my choices. I now have me like I never dreamed was a possibility.

Margaret Braunack, Australia.
The Power Trainers

A lifestyle that energizes and rejuvenates.

Chutisa & Steven BowmanAs part of the baby boomer generation, we have found that many of our colleagues and friends are becoming more and more concerned about their health and the way they look and feel. Many of them are feeling angst and concern about aging. Recently, we had a reunion with old friends who we hadn’t seen for a long time and many of them had aged so much that they didn’t even recognize us. We became aware that there is a huge difference between our points of view regarding aging.

Gary Douglas facilitates us to truly know that getting old is a choice. Access Consciousness tools and body processes allow us to experience a different approach to aging that is not based on dogma or collective unconsciousness. While most people of our age are contemplating retirement, our life and work is becoming even more generative, with a business that takes us around the world constantly and a lifestyle that energizes and rejuvenates. And it’s just choice.

Steven & Chutisa Bowman, Australia.
Conscious Governance.

Yahoo! Bring it on baby.

Kass ThomasThe idea of "talking to your body" and asking it to be an ally, a playmate or a co-conspirator in the creation of my life, my looks and my pursuit of joy, enjoyment and wonder... was just about as strange as any of the tools of Access Consciousness. 

In fact, I approached it just as I had all the other tools, with a "why not?" point-of-view. To my delight and amazement (not to mention that of my husband) the body responds and responded much, but hugely much, more quickly than my thick head does to the many easy tools. The body puts up less resistance. So, when you ask it to turn up the flexibility, elasticity and youthful countenance; guess what? It does! And might be inspired to dance a jig while doing so. Amazing. 

For me, it started with my boobs (everyone thought I had had a boob job) and  didn't even notice it myself at first. Everyone else kept asking me, "What are you doing? Diet? Gym? You are getting younger." And of course all that attention and I kept asking questions and then every part of my body started turning-on and communicating with me and everyone else: men, women, children and animals and they all wanted to talk and play and jump and scream and laugh. Yes laugh! With me. All of this has then a visible effect on the body and the youthful nature of my being. And it just keeps going. 

I had always heard that "time is not linear" and finally I get it, I am living that. At 48, the only reaction I have to being "almost 50" is Yahoo! Bring it on baby! Thanks Gary Douglas. Thanks Access Consciousness. Thank you body. Bring it on baby!

Kass Thomas, Italy

I'm ready to rock the world!

AlanaOne year ago, locked into the losses of what I saw as being another victim of the economic downturn, I remember hearing my sister saying, "You just have no choice but to go on Social Security. It's all you have left, of value." Wow!   Enter Gary Douglas' and Access Consciousness' life-saving tools! "Who does this belong to?" was the key tool in realizing I was buying into everyone else's version of what being over 60 was all about. "Just an interesting point of view "soon became my best friend as I stepped into the world of question, possibility, change and contribution (a far cry from being 'old and useless). 

I just got back from Rome--Access Facilitators Class--and am ready to rock the world!  What if You allowed yourself to ask "What else is possible?" Have you always known' there was so much more to life and to You? What would it take for you to join us in Over 45 & Getting Younger?

Alana, USA.

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